Awards at MSB2022

The 38th issue of the International Symposium on Microscale Separations and Bioanalysis was held at the campus of the University of Li├Ęge, Belgium, July 3-6. The organizers, Profs. Marianne Fillet and Heide Ottevaere asked me to arrange reviews of contributions by young scientists. 

One of the mission statements of the MSB Symposium series is to "Stimulate and encourage Young Scientists along their careers".

Three different awards were arranged by the organizers of MSB2022 to underline this mission. 

  • Best Oral Presentation by a Young Scientist Awards (4)  
  • Best Poster Awards (5)
  • Best Poster on Metabolomics Award (1)

The organizers acquired the Royal Society of Chemistry, the journal Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, the Swiss Metabolomics Society, and the company WYNSEP as sponsors for the awards.

The symposium chairs selected eighteen submissions to compete for the Best Oral Presentation (BOP), forty-five posters competed for the Best Poster Award (BPA) and six posters on metabolomics work were selected to compete for the Metabolomics Award. Three review boards were arranged viz.2x6 peers for BOP YS, 3x3 peers for BPA, and 2 peers for the metabolomics posters. Each group was asked to nominate their top selection for the awards.

The following criteria were a guide for the reviewers:

  • Significant and original contribution to basic and/or applied research in microscale separations or bioanalysis.
  • Clarity of presentation, the structure of content, and smoothness of flow.
  • Adequacy and persuasiveness of presenting.
  • Responsiveness to audience questions and ability to discuss presented work. For posters, the presence and explanation of the authors during the poster sessions

 More details can be found in the award presentation as are the names of the awardees.

A photograph of the awardees, who were present at the award ceremony, is shown below. Names will be added later.