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Given my involvement with the upcoming 51st International Symposium on High-Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques in this blog, I have collected relevant documentation that has been prepared under my responsibility. Please review the pages below.

Newsletters HPLC 2023


 Date  HTML  PDF
2.8.2022  1st Newsletter  1st Newsletter
11.28.2022  2nd Newsletter  2nd Newsletter
5.1.2023  3rd Newsletter  3rd Newsletter
18.1.2023  4th Newsletter  4th Newsletter
6.3.2023  5th Newsletter  5th Newsletter
29.3.2023  6th Newsletter  6th Newsletter
16.4.2023  7th Newsletter  7th Newsletter
27.4.2023  8th Newsletter  8th Newsletter
11.5.2023  9th Newsletter  9th Newsletter
12.6.2023 10th Newsletter 10th Newsletter
1.8.2022 HPLC 2023 - Flyer  HPLC 2023 - Flyer

Public Documents HPLC 2023

Date Document Description
29.5.2023 PowerPoint Template Recommended for BPA Poster.
Download and unzip
30.5.2023 Poster Presentation Instructions  Detailed information for authors
1.6.2023 Instructions BPA Important Info for BPA Participants
27.06.2023 Certificates All certificates for finalists
28.06.2023 Award Presentation PowerPoint slides in the honorary session.
5.7.2023 Pioneers of HPLC in Germany Version published on the symposium website.
5.7.2023 Celebrating Germany’s HPLC Pioneers Edited version published in Analytical Scientist