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I have prepared a comprehensive blog on CE-MS interfacing methods. Actually the information provided is distributed over three separate blogs viz. "CE-MS, the first steps", "The triple tube IF" and "Sheathless CE-MS IF". The first blog describes how CE-MS interfacing was developed until the HP/Agilent triple tube CE-MS interface was introduced on the market. The second blog has a few articles about the triple tube interface while the third blog describes new development and gives my assessment of the current status in CE-MS interfacing.


Now this certainly may a somewhat biased view but it is my website anyway. Nevertheless it is important to deliver the information in an integer way.

The menu "CE-MS Interfacing" is only offered after registration of an account. Though the information accumulated here is "public domain" (if one has subscribed to the journals) I still find it appropriate to know who is interested in the information. It has been a lot of work anyway.

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