On June 20, I was invited to contribute to the doctorate seminar for students participating in the Analytics for Biologics project at Groningen University, the Netherlands. Please review this link for more information on this project. See also the detailed agenda of the two-weeks seminar via the link to the agenda on this page. 

Sixteen doctorate students from Europe participated in the whole seminar and were also present during my contribution on capillary electrophoresis. 

The preparation of the CE and CE-MS course was a larger effort that I have anticipated. I was very happy to receive good help from Agilent Technologies (my former employer) especially Dr. Martin Greiner and Dr. Jens Hühner, from Dr. Julie Schappler from Geneva University, Switzerland and from Prof. Christian Neusuess from Aalen University Germany who all provided highly relevant slides. In particular I was pleased to receive 10 printed copies of the Agilent Primer on CE which has become a tool for education at many schools, colleges and universities. I am grateful to all of them.

For the students (and others) to access a PDF copy of the whole course will be through the following link. In order to access the linked menu one has to login first. Please request your account via top menu “Contact me” and login via “Registered Visitors” after you have received the account name and password.

Alternatively I can send you a private cloud link