graphical abstractMicropillar array columns for advancing nanoflow HPLC

For quite some time, I had the idea to write a manuscript to explain the ┬ÁPAC technology developed by Prof. Gert Desmet and commercialized by PharmaFluidics. I intended to describe the fundamental and practical barriers of obtaining ultimate separation performance of particle-packed columns (UHPLC) or of open tubular liquid chromatography (OTLC). It was aimed the manuscript to be a tutorial review, with emphasis on explaining the principle technology of pillar array-based separation column and demanding benchmark applications to demonstrate advantages of ┬ÁPAC separations, especially for nanoflow HPLC.

The manuscript is now available in an open-access version via this link.

In case you do not have access but want a copy of the manuscript for personal usage, contact me via this form.