Chromatography Today is a magazine very much like LC.GC, publishing manuscripts on new developments in the field of gas and liquid phase separations. Manuscripts may be logo chromatography todaycommunications on the application of GC and HPLC in actual hot fields in the market, about new developments in instrumentation for GC and HPLC, data evaluation software, columns, and consumables for analysis and sample preparation, and about hyphenation with mass spectrometry and other detection systems. The magazine also accepts more elaborate papers about progress in separation science and tutorial style manuscript explaining new techniques without too much depth to the readership of Chromatography Today. 

The editor of Chromatography Today has asked me to arrange a focus issue on CE and CE-MS. A number of my peers have contributed to the focus issue. The focus manuscripts will be part of the digital issue of Chromatography Today which you will find here soon (March issue).

My contribution to the issue deals with iCIEF. I have intended to provide a tutorial contribution painting the concept of iso-electrofocusing from flat gel plate to capillary formate and more recently to the instrumental implementation in imaged capillary isoelectric focusing. I hope the manuscript will interest you.

I have made it available from this website for registered visitors from here (be aware that depending on your browser settings, the document goes directly to your download folder and does not open). If you have registered on my website please click the button "registered visitors" and enter your credentials. If you have forgotten your credentials or want to register please use the button "contact me" also on the top of the page.